Looking for a Quartz Countertop? Smart Decision!

Nowadays, quartz is the most popular material for countertops. It has the best properties for maintenance, amazing durability and lifespan, easy-to-clean surface and there are so many colors and textures to choose – since most of today’s top materials are engineered quartz, or as it usually appears in advertising “engineered stone”.

And we know everything about quartz tops. Allow Y.D.I Stone specialists to assist you with your countertop selection, and we will help you to choose proper material for any project – kitchen remodeling, bathroom upgrade, custom fireplace production or any special idea you or your interior designer have.

We then cut your chosen quartz top to perfection, assemble it (including borders, backsplash and any custom parts) and install into your place in the most professional technique, making it lasting forever without cracks, scratches or possible spots for future water leaks. We only use the most durable materials such as actual high-end stone, durable sinks and quality glue, standing behind our work with an extra warranty.

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