Bathroom countertops are a very important element of your house. You, your kids or your tenants see it first thing in the morning, and even if it’s for a few minutes while getting ready to your routine, you have to love your bathroom! Bathroom tops are also crucial for property value – these are among the spots potential buyers will examine; and in case bathroom looks cheap they will not “buy” this house in their feeling and won’t submit the offer you expect for.
So, choose your bathroom interior wisely. Your countertop has to match other colors of the room – floor, walls and even bathtub or shower walls. It should not be too fancy – could be much simpler than kitchen top, but yet should be elegant and naturally blend into the interior.
At Y.D.I. Stone we have helped to choose the stone type and color for hundreds of households, we can work with your designer or with you directly, advising on each material properties, pros and cons and budget levels.

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