In the middle of kitchen reno? Looking to upgrade your kitchen countertop? You are at the right place! Y.D.I Stone specializes in countertops production and installations. This is how we can be at your help:
Bathroom countertops are a very important element of your house. You, your kids or your tenants see it first thing in the morning, and even if it’s for a few minutes while getting ready to your routine, you have to love your bathroom! Bathroom tops are also crucial for property value – these are among the spots potential buyers will examine; and in case bathroom looks cheap they will not “buy” this house in their feeling and won’t submit the offer you expect for.
So, choose your bathroom interior wisely. Your countertop has to match other colors of the room – floor, walls and even bathtub or shower walls. It should not be too fancy – could be much simpler than kitchen top, but yet should be elegant and naturally blend into the interior.
Granite is the classic material for countertops, some designers say it’s already “retro”. Yet, granite countertops have a few advantages and sometimes preferred over trendy quartz, porcelain and the newest “lapitec” technology. Here are some of these:
Nowadays, quartz is the most popular material for countertops. It has the best properties for maintenance, amazing durability and lifespan, easy-to-clean surface and there are so many colors and textures to choose – since most of today’s top materials are engineered quartz, or as it usually appears in advertising “engineered stone”.
And we know everything about quartz tops. Allow Y.D.I Stone specialists to assist you with your countertop selection, and we will help you to choose proper material for any project – kitchen remodeling, bathroom upgrade, custom fireplace production or any special idea you or your interior designer have.
A fireplace in a house makes it a cozy home, this upgrade ads both to the value of the house and to the atmosphere of the home. Custom stone fireplace ads even more – this is a status of wealthy family and decor element that takes your house to the next level!

Fast, efficient, clean and respectful. Plus they over estimated the time it would take so we ended up under the estimate.

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